best story in recent memory. joyce: i was at a restaurant last night celebrating this girl passing her part two's (tests to let you write your dissertation) and i went to a bathroom and in the stall next door i could hear a really little girl and her mother. and the little girl goes, "mommy! i can pee and poo at the same time!" i woke my ass up early today (well early for one who is currently unemployed) to schlep out to lincoln center to catch the dress rehearsal for "otello." magnifico. especially act ii, what with the excellent, rousing drinking song, the ensemble work. wonderful cast -- especially desdemona (frittoli, i think?). she can really tug on your heartstrings. moshinsky production, gergiev conducting. i was only a wee bit late to italian. today we learned that italians use way too many forms of the possessive and are very particular about their articles, indefinite or not. i mean, i miei vestiti? gli studenti? oy. going to a verdi opera is kind of an interesting experience when one is just beginning italian. you can just make out some of what they're wailing at each other ("a kiss... another kiss..."). saw "little fish" at the second stage theatre. could've been much better than it was, but the cast was fair. best subway ad in recent memory: (sorry, i know it's blurry, but i was on the friggin F.)


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