current obsession: "six feet under." every character is a wonder. even the minor, incidental ones. thank god for netflix. and for unemployment. good eating: a craving for some good ol' bloody beefy flesh (sorry, fred) yesterday drove me to the corner bistro for a big, juicy, perfectly charred burger (with BLT, pickle and slice o' cheese, of course), or "the bistro burger." i felt the effects of the onions on top for much of the following 24 hours (and whether this is a good or bad thing i'm not currently able to determine). lackluster fries made less exciting by a strong draft which left them a bit flabby and cold (so hungry were we after hunting for this place all over west village that we grabbed the first empty table we could find, and it just happened to be right by the door). my, i'm feeling parenthetical today. tim made dinner today. me happy. and full. poo.


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