currents: fergus henderson's nose to tail eating: a kind of british cooking. i need a copy of this straightaway. as if i really needed more encouragement for my offal fixation. it's too bad blogs have proliferated like an unchecked colony of hamsters in heat, as i just learned of a good one that went below the radar: in this week's LA times' food section, russ parsons talks about the cleverly conceived julie/julia project, the account of one woman's quest to take on all 536 recipes in julia child's mastering the art of french cooking. beyond this admirably intrepid undertaking, she's a capable writer and kinda funny, to boot. i like her. she might be joyce, if joyce ever decided to cook -- instead of thawing and microwaving -- or me, if i ever had the inclination or attention span to commit to such a project for [an entire!] year. (sorry for the jab, joyce. had to do it.) i'm not surprised somehow that she's a fellow new yorker (crappy dayjob, aspiring writer, unlimited access to any kind of foodstuff or kitchen paraphernalia one could ever want or conceive of, the usual neuroses and then some). we finally completed season one of "six feet under." what do we do now? and when does the second season come out on dvd? i haven't been this hooked on a show since "my so-called life."


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