"(i confess: i was going to put up pictures of my mangled thumb, but that's a bit gross, innit?)" was i the only one who got sent some up close & personal pics of winnie's latest (m)escapade? they were quite lovely when viewed over a nice lunchtime sandwich, esp a sandwich involving cranberry sauce. yum. i spent most of today at sea amongst a zillion xeroxes scattered across my bed, trying to construct some sort of coherent paper topic (nothing changes). my paper-time narcolepsy has resurfaced; quite often (and i know all you serious paper writers out there do this) i delude myself into thinking that if i just close my eyes for a bit to unravel some particularly tricky analytical knot (or so i'd like to think but it always comes out as sadly obvious, doesn't it?) that i'll hit upon the very word, sentence ending, thesis statement, koan, golden ticket, etc. half an hour later i wake up having done a face-plant onto the keyboard and also having managed to slobber on a couple texts. yum. now that's the pleasure of the text, dude. so i won't bore you any more with my paper antics. allow me to plug two things: miso mayo & some good flicks. (1) miso mayo. it's incredible. it comes in a fun little old school squeeze bottle. perfect on the spicy fake chicken boca burger. (2) if you get a chance to check out "36th chamber of shaolin" any time soon, take it. you'll thank me. a kickass old school kung fu flick with some serious pre-campy camp. i think the woman running the martial arts film fest @ucla said that they would tour the US with a couple prints, so i'm guessing this'll make the cut; i'll keep you posted if you want. also checked out a chinatown vcd of "hero"--- which i think will be formally released in the US next year (apparently miramax botched the push for the oscar nod this year by putting its weight behind "city of god" when "hero" was nominated instead). it made me cry. a lot. it was also better than "crouching tiger." and no, i'm not esp hormonal right now. one last bon mot: the new scatalogica for today is... poolet.


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