it is probably not advisable to consume an entire head of cauliflower. not to be deterred by such a trivial concern, i proceeded to do just that. well, i had to cook it first, of course. so with my trusty new (and quite comely, i might add) spice grinder i braised a whole head, chopped up into manageable (and more evenly-cooking) florets with some garlic, ginger, and crushed chile pepper; whole peeled tomatoes; freshly ground cumin, black mustard seed, coriander seed; a big pinch of turmeric; a dollop of yogurt, salt and pepper. the results were satisfying enough, but even better cold. rocking-out: wednesday night, checked out folk implosion at the knitting factory (or "knitting room," as tim prefers). opener alaska was, yes, totally deck in that new york underground kinda way. (we are still using "deck" in a wholly tongue-ensconced-firmly-in-cheek way, understand.) lead singer/guitarist (played guitar for FI as well) had the wonderfully disturbing combination of olive oyl body and jewfro coif, and i think he wears clothes that are smaller than mine (disturbing only when one realizes that he has a whole foot on me). mia doi todd followed with a timely -- if overly subdued -- set, starting off with a joni mitchell counter to all that bellicosity out there right now. she has a really beautiful folky-singer-songwriter voice with even an idiosyncratic nasal quality, but the quietness she brought to the room was unexpected and apparently inspired one bartender to comment on how awkward her job was with the room so still. lou barlow brought back some noise when he came on (both doi todd and alaska guy in tow, along with the FI drummer), and played an enjoyable set. admittedly, i would've enjoyed it a heckuva lot more had they done my two favorites from "one part lullaby," but barlow's fairly consistent on the songwriting front.


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