sunday brunch. i finally found the perfect blueberry pancakes and they come straight out of tim's kitchen. we used the joy of cooking recipe for blueberry buttermilk pancakes, and while the cornmeal and buttermilk had me thinking dense, heavy blob, the leavening agents (the whipped-up egg whites in particular) lightened the batter considerably. and the cornmeal gives it a really nice texture. and of course, the lemon zest is key, says tim. four rashers of bacon each. a little sunday-morning coffee. no pictures, sadly -- they're pretty good-looking pancakes, too -- as i was all too eager to stuff my face. (a little maple syrup first.) now i smell like bacon. my new discovery for the day: lightly coating blueberries with flour before folding them into batter helps suspend the berries in the batter and keeps them from sinking to the bottom.


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