winnie's latest obsessions are not actually as listed. favourites include "poo" and "hammies" (a rather pre-pubescent euphemism for a household pet). what's up with that? poo, i guess i understand, because sometimes she smells like it (or was it me?). hammies, on the other hand, lead me to believe that perhaps she has some fondness for small rodents (we had a small mice problem in both of our apartments). maybe the poo and rodents are somehow linked together -- hell if i know. so, winnie wants me to tell you about our repast this eve............and she really (i mean really) hates my use of ellipses (apparently some literary snobby term for the annoying use of the three dot, lack of punctuation stream of consciousness bs, dunno) so as i was saying we dined this evening on butternut squash, parsnip and apple potage (my attempt at culinary snobbishness, the use of potage, anyway). oh yeah. there was grated ginger involved as well. then we had a roast cornish game hen (which winnie equated somehow to a "hammy", again, dunno) with some spaetzle with red swiss chard, currants, and almonds, and i made a yummy chicken sauce from store bought stock (ugghh). i also feel a wee bit parenthetical this rainy night. thats it, i was intimidated, but i have officially entered winnie's head, or belly, or ass, or something...(damn i said that outloud, maybe it's me who has the "poo" thing, don't judge you who don't know me) bleogggggggggggggggg....


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