got back from boston monday after watching connie run the marathon. or, more precisely, after being passed by her at one point during the marathon. she did okay. she's alive -- more than i'd be able to claim, were i to run it (which is actually totally, utterly inconceivable). as far as boston goes, there was some eating involved, a bit of fun here and there. even a little sailing. pictures are forthcoming. DIY day: today, tim and i made curtains. and i cut his hair. both hair and curtains are pretty alright. okay, maybe i'll take another picture of the curtains during the day, since joyce says they're "very motel 8." i start freelancing at the food network next monday, and i am so stoked. i should be ashamed: i was prepping some material for kaplan training tomorrow when i realized i'd forgotten what logarithms are. i had to call my sister and ask, and she was like, "are you stupid or something?" yes, yes i am. i think i'll throw my brass rat away right now.


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