hippy-dippy dinner: i cooked some quinoa with onions, sort of pilaf-style, i suppose. this is my first foray into the "other grain" category (if we don't count barley, which we won't), and i have to say, i'm a fan. the tiny little grains are a bitch to get off your hands (they're super cling-y), and i could really use a tip on rinsing them without pouring them down the sink, but with a little toasting, a little stock, they develop a neat translucence. sort of like fish roe or tapioca, but there's this opaque little tail, the germ i think, and it gives the grain a lovely al dente quality. it reminds me of the crunchy pop you get from chewing flying fish roe. i made some chicken 'n pea curry to go alongside. yum. on the bookshelf: i'm plowing through the very amusing artemis fowl, as per fred's recommendation. but i've also got mcsweeney's mammoth treasury of thrilling tales, ed. by michael chabon, and salt: a world history, mark kurlansky's exploration of our favorite edible rock.


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