i dunno what's going on up there, but it seems like someone needs to be reminded that it's mid-april already, and we could use a little more sunshine and a lot less snow. goddammit. fortunately, my wee herbs are faring just fine, thankyouverymuch. in fact, look how well the cilantro's doing in its six-inch peat moss pot: they're about 1.5-2" high above the soil surface now, but below is a whole 'nother story: (the root end starts just below where i'm grasping the plant.) sort of scary, really. and no, i can't replant it once i've uprooted it. i was thinning out the sprouts because they were getting a bit crowded, and for some reason, they like to grow thisclose to each other. i'm always surprised by how much growth occurs down below, how much of a root system is required to support the exposed parts of the plant. i guess there's generally more going on below the surface than we usually notice. there's more than meets the eye, if you will. i don't think i'm talking about plants any more. sunday night, i caught the walkmen at the bowery ballroom. they totally rocked. that hamilton leithauser is a mighty fine frontman indeed. and his trust-fund name has such a great indie irony to it. wonder of wonders, i managed to leave the place without reeking of smoke and without cancer-stick detritus gumming up my hair and my pores. i think i love this new smoking ban. opener moving units was excellent. they sound just like the rapture, but with a more consistent sound. that is, their set sounded like one protracted song. a very good song, i hasten to add, but these guys are definitely a one-trick pony. i'm sort of housesitting for someone for the next week and a half, and i quite like it. his place on orchard is directly across the street from il laboratorio del gelato, just around the corner from congee village, five blocks from kossar's bialys and the doughnut plant. (not to mention 71 clinton, the pickle guy, little italy, chinatown -- you get the picture.) we're strictly speaking of proximity to food here, if you haven't realized. but what better indicator of a neighborhood's vitality and desirableness? bollocks, i say: apparently some canadian (which explains everything) lass has put up a site featuring testicle recipes. yeah. i know there's a special appreciation for them in italy. and in ohio, where they hold a testes fest. i'm certainly willing to try, but this sounds somewhat less appealing than sweetbreads or tete de veau. especially when the recipe for "ranch fry" specifies: Toss the balls on a hot stove. When they explode, they're done! i mean, what kind of balls are we even talking about here? i guess we're supposed to assume this is a cattle ranch. those turkey nuts might be okay though.


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