in my ear: dump: a grown-ass man. the big guy from yo la tengo with the little falsetto. the delgados, the great eastern. a damn good album. i know it's only april, but this may very well be among my top five albums of 2003. tim and i thought we might check out terrance brennan's tribute to fromage, artisanal (32nd and park, i think), wednesday night. we got the zamorza and chorizo fondue, which tasted not unlike a stouffer's french bread pizza. it was pretty uncanny, actually, the similarity, and i couldn't decide whether this was a good or bad thing. for $20, i think it was a bad thing. with the little fingerlings we ordered for an additional baigneuse, it resembled a wendy's baked potato topping. perhaps the stilton and sauternes would have been a better choice. the gougeres were tasty little bites, but 11 madison also offers them. and gratis, i might add. the chocolate souffle cake was pretty awful, so it all added up to one expensive starch-bomb that might as well've been retrived from my freezer. true, brennan and mccalman have assembled a mighty impressive list of cheeses, but that's to be expected right? i mean, it's a cheese restaurant. i think that i'll just make a trip to murray's if i've got a craving for some selles-sur-cher or garrotxa. ah well. on the bright side, wd-50 opens on thursday. i wonder how long it'll take to secure a reservation.


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