just a quick note here regarding weird coincidences--- i haven't checked this blog in a couple days: i went to my first-ever dodgers game last night, and basically had the same exact experience that winnie had. it was ass-freezingly cold. you may think i exaggerate, but if it weren't for my friends' sleeping bags, i think i would have died. okay, it wasn't that bad. but it gave me an excuse to drink hot chocolate. someone told me that since LA is in essentially desert conditions, it drops tens of degrees at night and therefore is cold. so i've learned to dress in layers and layers. i didn't manage to have a dodger-dog though, so i'll have to go back. the entire layout of the stadium was a bit surreal. or, since i went straight from classes, a bit of the baudrillard hyperreal. yeah, whatever. i've gotten into the groove of being clobbered with work and being tired all the time. gee golly whiz, i feel like i'm back at MIT. (the sad part being that this is the easier part of my term) currently i'm sitting in on an undergrad french class that meets at 9am everyday. i AM the bitter cynical grad student in the back w/ my grad-student-y friends. we're not horrid, we just snicker. anyways, i had my first kumquat a couple weeks ago. my friend's parents have a kumquat bush; i kind of overdosed on a large ziplock baggie of them. let me tell you, it wasn't a pretty sight. that's about it for now, methinks. oh yeah, and like winnie a couple months back, i need suggestions on what i should teach for my five minute kaplan audition. i was thinking "how to avoid participating in class" but i don't think it'll go over too well...


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