all the little kiddies in brooklyn are wearing light-up sneakers. (i thought this fad had passed in '92. would've thought that there'd be something a bit more sophisticated in place -- pda-phone-sneaks maybe? oooh, or shoes that, rather than inflate "the pump"-style, deflate to conform to your feet for, uh, a more streamlined silhouette?) i'm back in brooklyn, but here's a little rehash. the yangs make dinner: friday night, my sister made ribs, and i rustled up some veg. yes, these ribs are the deservedly famous yang recipe that my sister has incorporated from my mom's repertoire. she's tweaked it to fit her own tastes (saltier, fattier), and i'd say they're pretty damn near perfect. i challenge anyone to find better. the raw slabs after connie's massaged in the salt, pepper, shitloads of minced garlic, soy sauce, and honey. mmm. i'm getting hungry just looking at these. and yes, they're swimming in liquefied pork fat. i guess that would be lard. or, as one of connie's assistant bball coaches prefers to call it, "delicious dipping sauce." not the greatest picture, but here's one of the sides i made. swiss chard. the little dice are chard stems and apple. i was winging it, and it was actually quite unexpectedly good. the ginger-glazed carrots suffered, however, and they're best forgotten. more pictures from this trip to boston.


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