the current [june 2002] issue of wired has a page on mit hacks. apparently, a new book on the history of this subject is being put out by the mit museum. one i didn't know about: "1992: in an elaborate escapade called Cathedral of Our Lady of the All-Night Tool, Lobby 7 was converted into a pagan basilica, complete with pews, altar, confessional, and tablets of hexadecimally numbered commandments ("Thou shalt not divide by zero," "Thou shalt not exceed the speed of light"). In MIT-speak, a tool is a study-aholic." fantastic. overheard on campus today: girl a: have you seen john lately? girl b: no, he's been holed up in course 6-land. he slept two hours in the past two days. isn't that crazy? i dunno how he does it. girl a: [admiringly] holy shit. that's hardcore.


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