long live the queens! finally, sripraphai: it's actually not that far away (now, i just have to convince tim of this). and it's every bit at fantastic as they say. linda, ben, stoli, and i had the crunchy catfish salad, which was a supernal version of papaya salad atop lots of crunchy fried bits (which didn't seem much like catfish, but were damn tasty); tom yum soup, also the best i've had in new york -- or anywhere, for that matter; green chicken curry; beef offal soup, very much like vietnamese pho but without the noodles; some sort of pad kee mao-like thing with red peppers and ground beef. so so so good. there's a lovely little verdant courtyard outback that contrasts nicely with the very hole-in-the-wall, barebones front dining room, where everyone was seated today. i love this place. beyond a doubt the best thai i've ever had (and now, i'll just have to plan a jaunt to thailand). i'm definitely coming back soon. and i decided, i really love queens. none of the signs are in english there, and there was only one white person on the 7 train on the way there. she looked distinctly uncomfortable, but i guess that's what you get when you try to get to laguardia cheaply.


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