it's official: summer has arrived. after what seems like an interminable month of unceasing rain, the sun's finally come out and is now baking the new york streets to a toasty 90-plus degrees. and i am grateful: the air can circulate between my toes in my flip-flops, the subway hasn't started to stink yet, and cherries are $1.99 a pound. what better way to inaugurate the season than with a delectable bacon-tomato-mayonnaise sandwich? i've been craving one for a few days now, and while tomatoes won't be at their real prime for another month or two, they still taste of summer even now. for one bacon-tomato-mayonnaise sandwich to feed one semi-hungry person: i'm no purist when it comes to cooking bacon, so i suggest just nuking three rashers, sandwiched between paper towelling, in the microwave. for a lovely crispiness, fry in a pan or put under the broiler. now, generously slather your choice of sandwhich bread (i used arnold 100% whole wheat this afternoon) with hellman's (and only hellman's, unless you make your own. it exists as best foods on the west coast) mayonnaise. this is no time to be stingy with the fat. slice up a firm, but juicy tomato however you like, thick or thin, and place slices haphazardly on mayo'd bread. (like my PB&J, i prefer my fixins to cover the whole face of my breadslice in a fairly uniform layer. but i'm not that anal about it.) lovingly arrange the cooked bacon over the tomatoes. anoint with tabasco if you like (and i do). take a bite and savor each salty, unctuous morsel, the tart tomato cutting through the creamy mayonnaise, the fatty, porky bacon. best enjoyed outside on the stoop or in a lawn chair on a patch of grass somewhere. lemonade or pellegrino would also be quite nice. man, i want another one.


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