[let me preface this by explaining that my sister purchased this gigantic nike poster of lance armstrong for her advisor because, well, he's basically the reason why she's going where she's going. it is, of course, a rare find, and she was anxiously awaiting its arrival from her ebay seller.] conyang23: i got the poster and framed it conyang23: it looks fabulous winyang: i'm sure conyang23: damn, too bad i have to give it away conyang23: i'm a genius too winyang: yeah. you should've gotten one for yourself winyang: oh well. winyang: why? conyang23: because there was all this adhesive shit stuck to the glass conyang23: and there was nooooo way to give it off scraping it conyang23: so i remembered that ethanol (pure alcohol) go it off conyang23: but who the hell has ethanol conyang23: so i was thinkiing conyang23: and i was like, well ... any alcohol should help get it off conyang23: so i looked at my selection. and i had peach schnapps, baileys, and malibu as my choices conyang23: so malibu had a 20% alcohol content so i used that conyang23: and it worked really really really well conyang23: and it wiped right off winyang: hahaha conyang23: so i am a genius conyang23: though now my room smells like coconut rum


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