fred gently reminds me that the blog is woefully bare-looking. so i remedy this. for a pictorial overview of the last couple of site-down months, you can check out this and this. we haven't done much cooking recently at home, but with a little urging from me, tim put together some great summer eats a little while ago. one of our favorites: a warm corn salad (sauteed freshly-shucked kernels with shallots and other fun stuff tha ti can't remember right now) with grape tomatoes, arugula, and shaved parm. i was jonesing for lobster rolls for a solid month, and finally, we decided to go all out and do it ourselves. two live lobsters, brioche rolls, lots of butter, just enough mayo. yum. i ate alot of blueberry crumbles in the month of july. the glut of blueberries in my house inspired tim to make a tasty blueberry sauce for porkchops and polenta. so, so, so good.


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