man, september already. i just returned from a weekend in st. louis with the family. lots of eating, lots of dog-squishing, and a good score at value village. i've never failed to find great shit at this, our favoritest thrift store (and i definitely prefer the north county one). this time, we hit the motherlode: a light grey-green supersoft t-shirt for tim (which i plan on stealing back) and a cleveland indians tee for me, both perfect fits; a western-style, blue and pink plaid snap button-down (also perfect fit), a red leather, medicine bag-style handbag with metal clasps and snaps and croc-embossed red elephants; and bestest of all, a brown leather belt with hand-tooled, detailed scrolling and the monogram "bill mcbill" -- BILL MCBILL! how fuckin' great is that?! -- etched across it. grand total of $11. spent all of last night turning out dumplings with my mom (hand chopped a pound-and-a-half of pork butt, hand grated a couple fingers of ginger, chopped up a couple heads of napa cabbage, bunches of green onions, a package of bean thread noodles, and some chopped up shrimp, and stuffed this combination, once seasoned, into the wrappers my sister rolled out from a dough made of flour and water). yum. we also had her peerless spareribs, sauteed shrimp, seared tofu with ginger and wilted basil, and god knows what else. she showed me how to make that classic taiwanese dish, pork with seaweed and hard-boiled egg, and sent me off to the airport weighted down with all this and her coveted rice-stick noodle dish. i think i gained a good five pounds over the weekend. oof.


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