funny that you mention opera, fred, i've been listening to my parsifal recording quite a bit lately. it's the berlin philarhamonic under barenboim. i think we played the gorgeous, gorgeous overture in the st. louis youth symphony one of my last seasons there. i can't wait for the met's production of the ring cycle. i am so there. i went to the murakami installation at rockefeller with one of my housemates yesterday. and this time i managed to take some photos. the eyeball balloons. they're 33ft (diameter i guess?), according to the little pamphlet. kinoko. or mushroom seats. i like this kid who's climbing all over them. bet she's bratty though. tongari-kun. or, literally, mr. pointy. (nice, eh?) jen's in front of mr. pointy. i swear i haven't gained thirty pounds. tim can vouch for that, maybe. this sweatshirt just gets all poochy on me. i'm also sitting on kinoko.


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