so that's what it's called. one of my word-of-the-day emails informs me that "octothorpe" is the name of the "#" sign. "[The '#' is also known as a pound sign, crosshatch, number sign, sharp, hash, crunch, mesh, hex, flash, grid, pig-pen, gate, hak, oof, rake, fence, gate, grid, gridlet, square, and widget mark.]" oof? i am currently hooked on pom wonderful juice. i think it's mostly because of the shapely -- and very cute -- bottle. that shit's expensive though. oh, and my sister has a word-of-the-day for me too (now that she's a grad student at loughborough u. in england): british word of the day: manky as in, 'those blokes live in such a manky flat; i'm never keen on visiting because there is always rubbish everywhere when i go.'


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