after my little roast chicken debacle, tim decided to show me how it's really done: over polenta with fontina and mushrooms. he made a pear and frangipane tart for dessert, but my mouth got there before my camera could. the chicken? the chicken was perfect. i spent about 15 minutes at justin's halloween party last night (and about 2 hours, all told, on the train to and from chelsea) sandwiched uncomfortably between tricked-up and -out hong kong types and guys dressed up as extremely ugly women. but i also got to see a man in a giant tampon suit. correction: a giant bloody tampon suit. not bad, i thought, but not particularly good either. blech. currently in rotation: the books' "the lemon of pink" and the kill bill soundtrack. while i thought the film was alright, i think the soundtrack kicks ass. on TLoP the books splices together all these samples from a bazillion recordings into these sort of jazzy, ambient, totally genius tracks (see #3, "tokyo"). actually, the pitchfork review is much more informative. oh, and i can't forget also squeeze's "singles 45's and under": and i feel like william tell ... pulling mussels for michelle, pulling mussels for miche-eh-elle...


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