i am sad. just talked to my mom a few hours ago. oreo's been recovering from a really terrible eye infection (which resulted in near-complete blindness) over the past couple of weeks, but it seems his condition has worsened in the last day or so. he's not eating or drinking water, and in his blindness and semi-deafness, he never quite comprehends where he is, so when they take him and frisky outside, he just walks around aimlessly. walks and walks and walks, in circles, into walls and table legs, mom says. she doesn't think he'll last the week. actually, they don't think he'll even make it through tomorrow. it's funny: i'd thought that i had wrapped my head around this mortality thing (as best as one could hope to at 23, anyway), but i'm only now sort of comprehending that i might not ever see him again or hold him or see him wag his tail.


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