i had a great new york sort of weekend. on friday i saw my friend mamie's dance performance here in brooklyn. i dunno how long this link'll work, but for now, there's a great picture of her that sort of evokes the whole bit here. she also goes by "sheenru." this is what they have to say about her and her work: Independent dancer/choreographer SheenRu Yong’s "water to drink", a performance work combining dance, soundscapes, and spoken word, will be presented at Spoke the Hub’s Space at the Gowanus. Created in collaboration with C. Vaduva, this new work, called a "movement ritual" by its creators, celebrates "water, bowls, and bodies" as they move through the experience of being "full, filled, and flowing." afterwards, i met up with liam and austin and checked out poetry slam night at the nuyorican poets cafe. the opener guy, this shane koyczan dude from canada, was fucking great. i was definitely pleasantly surprised by the whole thing; it was much better than i'd anticipated. shane's best line of the night -- a haiku (sort of): SIXTY-EIGHT! that's when you go down on me and i owe you one he also had a lovely line in his poem about being a lover: "i want to strip you down to your confusions/and make sense to you all night long." i just got home from the ms. john soda show at the knitting factory. best show i've seen in a long time. ideal, even. they manage not to get stale over the course of their set, and the shit they play is just so damn good. i urge anyone and everyone to run out and get their album straightaway. no P or D, it's called.


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