i've been hitting more than missing lately on the home front. two nights ago, i made tom yum soup from scratch. i bashed up three stalks of lemongrass with a couple fingers of ginger and sauteed that with some onions and shrimp shells. a little fish sauce, a couple chile peppers, alot of stock and some liquid from my reconsituted black mushrooms, and i was in business. i added my [de-?]shelled shrimp after the broth had been at it for a while on the stove and then plunged a couple handfuls of cilantro in for some added aroma and flavor. tonight, amy came over after work, and i made us some tuna puttanesca sauce (sans olives) with my remaining bucatini and spaghetti. and it was pretty darn tasty. but dude, anything with a's do mar canned tuna in olive oil tastes damn good.


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