in which i visit la farmacia or else subject those around me to the unpleasant sight of snotty, wheezy, teary me. so on friday, i finally succumbed to my terrible, no-good, very bad allergies, and braved a visit to the pharmacy, picking one at random (i figured a line of customers was a sure sign of, well, something: convenience? efficacy?). i had gone to the trouble of looking up "drowsy" in the dictionary before i left, so i could specify that i wanted meds that would NOT make me drowsy. of course, i forgot to put together vocabulary to describe my symptoms, but the nice pharm-lady did this for me accurately ("something something nose" and "something something [points to eyes]"; i nod emphatically). so she scurries to the back and seems to take an awful long time, but then emerges triumphant with a little box, which she, as convention here dictates, wraps up in paper unnecessarily. and then she charges me €18! i don't remember benadryl costing that much. once i get to the office, i undo the paper and take a look at the box: it's some kind of B-vitamin supplement made from "le uove di quaglia" -- that is, quail eggs! apparently, it's a special treatment, straight from japan. after soliciting advice from some colleagues, i determined that this was not the treatment i was looking for, so i went back to the pharmacy and after some back-and-forth and this-and-that, the pharm-lady gave me "un pharmaco potente", as requested -- drowsiness be damned. and this stuff is amazing! i mean, it's more effective than claritin ever was for me. however, i have this suspicion that it's chock full of amphetamines. the shit lasts like 12 hours, and all the while, i am high as a kite. helps in understanding italian better, however. note to self: do not combine allergy medication with cappuccino. and because it will not happen otherwise, here are more pictures. me, besieged by the fattoria spannocchia chickens. this is fattoria spannocchia. yes, tuscany really does look like that. hollywood and diane lane are not making it up. the campo in siena.


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