hesser gets her say. so this food blogger (and eGullet forum middleweight) interviewed amanda hesser at length. yes, i am among the legions whose ire she has provoked (however indirectly, passively, or unconsciously on her part). while leite's whole deal here is to confront this "i hate amanda hesser" phenomenon very much head-on, i'm still unconvinced. clearly, i should shoot her an email, right? while both leite's theories for why IHAH exists apply to some extent for me, i have to say that i really don't like her writing style so much (though she is leagues, leagues better than bruni, questionable journalistic integrity or no). and WHO is comparing her to mfk fisher?! that's a laugh. we can all agree however: jeffrey steingarten kicks ass. and in other, reptilian news: i was blessed today by a visit from a wee representative of bra's local fauna. i turned around at my desk to see a baby lizard (about the size of my pinky, snout to tail) scuttle into a box of depliants. unfortunately, i didn't have my digital camera on hand to record this lovely visit, but i did scoop him up in my tupperware and deposited him safely in the nearest green area i could find. this is a good sign, no? does anyone know how to interpret it? i think it must be lizard spawning season. i saw another little guy hanging out in someone's courtyard.


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