______ is the new black. does anyone else notice that, like everything else, certain words come into and go out of vogue? specifically: two years ago, german words were the hot ticket. i couldn't get through a paragraph in my usual magazines and dailies without tripping over "weltanschauung" or "schadenfreude" or "gemutlichkeit". did these words just get too much exposure? is that why i never see them any more? or is it because no one could figure out how to pronounce them? they had a pretty long shelf-life, however, and managed to linger long after growing a bit stale. then there was that whole month where, everywhere i turned, i ran into "logorrhea." which i still quite like, but it has limited usage, i suppose (unlike "weltanshauung." ha.). but you know what's so hot right now? trifecta. and it seems to me that its meaning has been tweaked to resemble good ol' reliable "triumvirate." (but when used correctly, i suppose the former can have all sorts of nuances.) dude, what about "troika"? i'm a fan of troika.


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