something i've been thinking about: suicidal bugs. 1. My landlord curtly informed me that drywood termites (and other insectae) swarm twice a year in California, which I had heard of but had not remembered when upon moving into my new apt there seemed to be a welcome party going on in my white curtains. I figured I could live with it and since they didn't seem to be the biting or flying or biting and flying sort, I left them alone. The odd, sickly poetic part is that they crawl around on my curtains and proceed to lose their wings (like fallen retard angels or something) which then scatter everywhere. But after that they proceed to fall & die by the droves on the floor. Or the really creative ones have made a mass burial ground in the curtain's tabs near the curtain rod. I wish someone would tell me the meaning of it all: do they think they've found the great white beyond when they've made it past my glass door? 2. When I was at home in Illinois I drove down to UIUC with my younger brother. The highways of Illinois are completely different from the freeways of California in many respects, one of them being that you can actually see greenery in Illinois. Well, more like lots and lots of cornfields. Halfway through the three hour trip down I realized that the windshield was covered in splatter marks and wondered what they were. A couple minutes later, I realized that the highway is a deathtrap for innocent little bugs. They're hanging out above the pavement, minding their own business, chatting and SPLOOSH. They're not match for great panels of glass coming down the highway at 70 or so mph. Instant liquefication. Maybe that's how they play chicken.


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