five bucks says there's an equivalent in japanese and german. work is gouging away at my sanity. i am discovering that amazingly, my misanthropic tendencies can actually increase! (scary, i know.) i think it must have something to do with my sleep-time being cut by half, and my workload and workhours increasing five-fold. (which doesn't seem quite right, but i suppose this sort of thing doesn't agree with the laws of thermodynamics. though, on second thought, things do seem to be tending towards more entropy here, particularly in my desk area.) and in this vein, i learned a most appropriate word today: stacanovista, an italian term (explained here, but in italian, sorry) that comes from stalinist propaganda pushing the work ethic of stachanov, a russian guy that extracted 102 tons of anthracite coal in five hours and 45 minutes, all by himself. (it turns out, later, that this information is spurious, as one would imagine is true of most stalinist propaganda.) stacanovista is someone with a solitary zeal or dedication for his work. apparently, it basically describes someone who works themselves to death. super! hit me again! this is all to explain my recent silence (and the silence to come in the next few weeks).


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