james earl jones is on my answering machine. seriously. sure he's hawking some verizon phone service, but i can't stop playing it. it's magical. it's a keeper. those crafty advertisement people. they just keep on getting better. speaking of which, have you guys seen the lamisl/toe fungus commercial? i ask because there's this part in Infinite Jest where it describes a commercial for some medical product which ends up being incredibly successful because the commercial completely grosses people out. so the product sells out, but no one can bear to watch the commercial itself. so this toe fungus medication commercial features a little cartoon demon popping open a big yellowy toenail and crawling inside. it makes me cringe. so i thought i'd make you cringe as well. a couple weeks ago i went to a reading here at ucla by this group called downtown for democracy and it featured some heavyhitting writers like jonathan safran foer, dave eggers, alice sebold, susan lori parks, anne lamott, and my personal soulmate david foster wallace. they were all really, really funny and great and were promoting this book called the future dictionary of america which you guys should check out.


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