maybe i've spent a little too long on this project, but seriously people, this is my new favorite website. i think i could definitely kill a good hour or two just poring over the geographical distribution of data. it all may seem intuitively obvious from whatever actual factual information gets bandied about by the media, but it's the sort of information that doesn't really adhere to one's brain. but look at these maps! all the farms that make >$250,000 a year are situated in the midwest. while the massive concentration of family-run farms is all in the south (which is also where most of the non-white farmers are. the piddly percentage of asian farmers is, as expected, primarily located in california and hawaii.). the people growing our food are, for the most part, middle aged or older. happy turkey day! it's the perfect time of year to be listening to emmylou harris and the beach boys. perfect.


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