some things aren't meant to be cooked any other way. while i can be amused by cauliflower "couscous" and will always be able to conjure up the taste memory of my mother's pork neck soup with cauliflower and winter melon, there is really no better way to cook cauliflower than to roast the hell out of it in alot of oil. in fact, i'm virtually deep-frying the florets -- and the result is similar to sahadi's (the purveyor of middle eastern goods on atlantic ave. in brooklyn heights) deep-fried cauliflower dish, except that mine comes hot and crispy. roasted/fried cauliflower -- so tender, such a lovely nutty flavor -- practically begs for some caramelized onions and reconsistituted raisins. and anchovies! definitely anchovies. but it is very very good all on its own. some excellent pictures from salone del gusto: i love me some o' that pork!


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