stuffed head, empty belly. i've once again been assailed by the horrible headcold that descends on my immune system and sinuses every other year or so. (just ask tim about bronchitis '03.) which means that, not only can i not smell (and hence taste) a damn thing, but i really have no desire to eat. which is unfortunate, since i've done such an admirable job in the past two weeks of getting back up to fighting weight. to compensate, however, i'm finally giving myself over completely to digesting (figuratively, natch) harold mcgee's classic, on food and cooking. i'm grazing my way through the previous edition, and once i head back across the pond, i will most definitely obtain a copy of the new edition, which is due for release sometime very, very soon. this is food literature for the truly nerdy (fred, you would really, really appreciate this book.). in fact, i think mit would do well to build an IAP course around this text. i skipped over the chapter on dairy and dove straight into the meat section. you've absolutely got to love a food book that offers a discussion on the roles of myosin and actin in meat cookery, no? or why it makes sense to braise slow-twitch muscles. surprisingly, it was a mostly non-food-related thought that struck me as i was reading mcgee, a thought that harks back to every bio class i've ever endured: how fucking amazing is cell differentiation? and more exciting news on the food lit front: alan richman is putting out a compilation of his essays and reviews! and whoah, what's up with this? i dunno how i missed this, but apparently john t. edge is putting out a series of books on iconic american foods. apple pie and burgers are following shortly. i can't wait.


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