[crickets chirping] yes, we've been a bit lax on the blogging front of late. this is because we have much to do in preparation for the big trip. sorry, time to switch out of first-person plural. it doesn't really feel like i'm leaving. did i already mention that i'm leaving? yes, well, it's final now: i'm headed back to new york. for now. for the time being. (forever?) but yes, seeing as how i'm still in the office late on a friday evening, being back in brooklyn seems less a reality than, say, raw meat salad. but i will miss small-town italy. i'm only now starting to feel like i'm making friends here, and i will miss working here and living here and learning so, so much -- not just about italy, but about the rest of the world. but first, a trip: i depart on sunday for paris, where i will eat my way through the city of light and hopefully catch an indie rock show or an opera or ballet. or just wander past the tuileries or into dehillerin or just try one of each macaroon flavor at ladurée and pierre hermé. (macaroons! croissants! dog shit! ah, paris.) i'll take the train to london on thursday and hang out with my sister in the midlands and hopefully visit some english farms and make friends with gloucester cows (a noble bunch, they are, and such fine, fine cheese they make). connie and i fly from london to bari, puglia, later this month and head over to naples for a few days to eat (natch) pizza (ditto) and see those dirt-colored long-dead people at pompei. my mom will join us at this point and head over with us via ferry to sicily. palermo (pani cu' la meuza! that is, beef spleen sautéed in lard and stuffed in a roll with caciocavallo cheese. yum.), then erice and tràpani for christmas, through the greek temples of agrigento to the beautiful, beautiful town of ragusa and then the mitica siracusa. and we will eat and eat and eat and eat. arancine, panelle, sfincione, nero d'avola! here i come!


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