yes, i do other activities when i travel besides eat. but not too many. today i went to the sir john soane museum. if ever you are in london, you should definitely head on over to this place. it's quite -- unusual. i mean, i thought i was a packrat and had a "collecting" problem, but this guy takes the cake. incidentally, i was recommended this place by someone who thought soane and i might be kindred spirits. i wonder how i should take that. while in paris, i paid a visit to the centre pompidou and saw their "sons et lumieres" exhibition. fred, you would like this one alot i think. it's subtitled: "a history of sound in 20th century art" and includes everything from this crazy piano-cum-film projector thingamabob to cage's original manuscript for 4'33" to whole rooms dedicated to those wacky futurists and adherents to the fluxus movement. at some point i found myself walking through a little 9'x12' room, empty of everything save for giant subwoofers that were turned up so much that all they did was give off this massive vibration. it's the type of exhibition that includes plenty of little signs warning those with epilepsy or weak hearts to proceed at their own risk. excellent. whew! now that that's over with, i can proceed to the real, ahem, meat of this post. this past week in england, i've eaten pork pie, shepherd's pie, steak and kidney pie, and a veritable mountain range of mashed potatoes. oof. how much do i miss paris' duck fat and foie gras?


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