making like gawker. joyce isn't the only one who has celebrity sightings 'round here. okay, so i'm not really either (aside from the occasional gabriel byrne one), but my friend amy, who spends her days hawking cheese at that bleecker street caseo-juggernaut relates this excellent tale (that i'm sure fred will appreciate): pj harvey came into the shop one day, and at first, amy wasn't so sure it was indeed her (because what self-respecting girl doesn't want that malnourished, waif-y goth indie rocker look?), but then she asked about the cheese and her accent made it clear. amy then told her that she'd be at harvey's show that night, and pj harvey says, "great! well i'll be all cheesed out then, huh?" first of all, pj harvey eats cheese?! second of all, pj harvey says things like "cheesed out"?!?


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