the new digs: i have an ungodly amount of shelving now, as you can see. (and have i already noted the affection these northern italians have for armoires? they multiply in these houses like you don't even know. what you also don't see are the french doors behind the desk in my bedroom that open up to a literary/media theorist's wet dream: a closet full of derrida, foucault, levi-strauss, etc. etc. the previous tenant (whose mother owns the building) is a filmmaker/rock star. the family is a serious bunch of readers. i think there are probably 250 texts crammed on those shelves in the closet. unfortunately all in original language or italian. otherwise i could retreat further into introspection, sit in my room and ruminate over the signifiers in my refrigerator.) and because i know you've been dying to see what i've been churning out lately, here's the sweater i made while in new york. sorry, the photo's a bit funny. it's just a pretty plain merino cowl neck, all knit in jersey.


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