c'est hypercool! i happened to trip across this site today. this dude does a truly commendable job distilling the differences between spoken french, written french, and the english equivalent. and his observations regarding pronunciation and usage are not only useful but also kind of cute and quirky ("oui is often pronounced with what sounds to me like a 'smiling' sound"). i like the way he's written up his observations. (and now that i've followed the link to his bio, it all makes sense that he's one of ours.) now we just need one of these in italian. and from the archives of challenging foods: its origins sound a bit more questionable than that of natto or, yes, even balut: lerp is the sugary excreta of the sap-sucking psyllid, a ('cicada-like', according to dictionary.com) gnat-sized jumping plant louse that inhabits eucalyptus and melaleuca trees (and is generally considered a pest). the psyllid makes a little protective shell for itself from the stuff. more importantly, however, lerp is edible! and according to one source, tasty even. but let's not stop there. who's up for chicken à la rodney king?


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