never ever EVER begin a sentence with "i don't mean to sound racist, but -" for the Annals of Ridiculous Shit that Happens in the UK, my sister relates this story: i'm at the checkout line at the grocery store [for the record, the tesco in loughborough] with tom and his girlfriend and they're checking out after me. so after i finish paying, i still have another bag of stuff to put away and the checkout lady looks at me, and asks, "oh, what are you doing at university?" i tell her i am doing my phd. then after a couple seconds, she looks at tom and says, "sorry for the wait, i can't check you out until she fiinishes bagging." to which tom says, "oh it doesn't matter, we're all together." anyways, after another couple of seconds, she looks at me, then looks back at tom and says: "i don't mean to sound racist, but it seems as if it's the chinese and japanese students that are always the slowest at bagging up."


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hahahaha. WHAT?

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