recently consumed: just like the very timely nytimes article, carla and emily have found a solution to the oven-less kitchen: the toaster oven. emily's chicken with yummy potatoes, zucchini and this mushroom sauce that i wanted to bathe in, it was so good. at the real castello di verduno last night: the kitchen the amuse: peperoni agrodolce. they have very cute garnishes, no? carne di verduno: raw slices of a special cut of veal, marinated in salt and olive oil one of the best tortino di zucchini i've ever had in the langhe. this was stuffed with something ricotta-like and the sauce was squisita. under this delicious sauce, there are perfect, tender slices of beef tongue. perhaps my favorite dish. gnocchi di patate in a fresh tomato sauce. this was pretty so-so, the gnocchi a little too dense. their risotto wasn't so mind-blowing either. vitello tonnato, alla maniera antica. which means without tuna -- the sauce is primarily capers and anchovies. this is also one of the best vitello tonnato i've ever had (and vastly different from the most common style -- thin slices of veal with actual tuna sauce, usually puréed). unfortunately at this point i was pretty stuffed. and drunk. ramassin (also called darmassin and suzine) -- those little grape-sized plums everyone grows in their backyards, in gelato form. castello di verduno actually produces excellent wines, including one from an autocthonous varietal called pelaverga. very unassuming, like dolcetto, and a perfect non-pretentious, non-ambitious wine to go with food.


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