love letter to bologna or: so this is where all the italian hipsters are hiding we went down to bologna this weekend for the spoon show at covo, my new favoritest music venue. britt and his boys rocked out, as usual, with the added plus that, after the show ended at 1am, all the cool kids stayed and danced until dawn. love it. and in bologna, not really a city but a paesone, or big town, there are 100,000 students. which means 1) great bookshops, 2) ethnic food and 3) really good-looking kids with nice glasses. and bologna itself is not so bad-looking either: this last one is inside the mitico zanarini, bologna's renowned bar/cafĂ© that was recently redone. the rest of the photos are in and around piazza maggiore. and recently, i discovered that mark bittman's recipe for biscuits not only gives excellent results but is also pretty damn foolproof and unreliable-italian-ingredients-proof. pictured here with currant jelly from romanengo, the genovese confectioner, and the lemon curd my sister sent me from england. best, however, with the irish butter i got from sheridan's cheesemongers, when they were in town for the cheese festival. last week, i also attempted thomas keller's lemon sabayon tart recipe and got it half right -- the pâte brisée i substituted for his pine nut crust totally sucked because i didn't have the foresight to get the good butter from the market (the industrial stuff here is an abomination. land o'lakes wins against it, no contest.) and also my baked goods and pastries tend to be inconsistent because i eyeball everything. the sabayon, however, was right on (and thank god -- what with all the whisking, my pathetically atrophied arm nearly fell off), if a weird color from the darkness of the yolks here. i'll take a picture next time, when i get the crust right too.


Anonymous daisy said...

going to see spoon when they come in november . . . can't wait. they also played a free show at the hatchshell this summer. i *so* dig them (okay, i dig britt).

10/17/2005 01:44:00 PM  

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