puglia: in spirit, on the table. emily cooked up a puglian extravaganza to celebrate one of her last nights with us. no puglian meal is complete without a big ol' ball of delicious, delicious burrata, one of my favoritest pasta filata cheeses in all of italy. the pouch-like exterior is mozzarella. split it open to find shreds of mozzarella swimming in panna, or cream, within. i couldn't figure out what this was going to be, but it turns out it's a mixture of puglian bread, soaked in water and a little egg, squeezed and mixed with some garlic and herbs and seasoned. (i think she put basil in there.) it's a poor man's meatball. but i guess if you're emily, it becomes more a bread quenelle. and deep-fried, they offer this incredible juxtaposition of crunchy, savory exterior, and a delicate, almost creamy interior. wow. but emily's specialty -- and the real impetus for the puglian theme -- is fave e cicoria. she made it a few months ago when she first arrived and we figured we needed to have it one last time. with a, clockwise from top, kind of peperonata, red onion salad and the cicoria, or chicory. in the center, the fava bean purée, the texture smoothed and lightened by adding some potato.


Blogger staceyjoy said...

Winnie, you're killin' me. This is food porn of the highest order.

10/22/2005 11:21:00 AM  

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