blogging by mail ------> i've been very happy with the postal service lately (aside from joyce's -- let's assume it's lost now -- care package). maybe the planets and stars are aligned or something, but the US and italian postal systems have been working well in tandem to get the recent spate of packages i've had coming and going to their proper destinations, and all in one piece to boot. so i decided to take part in BBM#3, an international mail swap, with a bunch of other bloggers. food bloggers, for the most part. and my receiver just emailed to let me know she's received her package and wrote up a lovely post to describe what i sent. it's rather odd to see my handwriting on a stranger's table, thousands of miles away. and no, sorry, fred, i didn't take a photo of the contents, but linda did.


Blogger fwc said...

so what's this famous potstickers recipe?

11/17/2005 10:37:00 AM  
Blogger winnie said...

dude, i wrote it out by hand and i think it took like half an hour and 600 words. so i'm not retyping it now. a version of it exists in one of my food journal-y books (in nyc? in st. louis? dunno at this point) and it's basically just what i've observed from making dumplings with my mom. which is to say, it's very loosey goosey and i sort of eyeballed everything mentally. i think it adheres pretty closely to classic potstickers, except that it calls for much, much more ginger (my mom says you can never use too much ginger for these) and also includes bean thread noodles and shrimp (where usually people will just make straight up pork dumplings).

the key, of course, is in rolling out the skins (they skins MUST be made from scratch) and then cooking it properly. which we've covered on this here blog previously.

11/17/2005 11:18:00 AM  

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