turkey day, round 2. nothing's better after travelling many hours by plane, train and automobile than showing up to a plate of my mom's freshly made potstickers. this made up slightly for the 8 hours i spent that night and the next day helping my sister prepare a thanksgiving spread for her nearly all-british crowd. i made my usual (and favorite) sausage and fennel cornbread stuffing (foreground, left), roasted rutabagas with caramelized onions combined with sweet potatoes and parsnips each roasted separately in a truly horrifying amount of butter (foreground, right). i made the cranberry sauce (light on the sugar, done in stages to create a saucy base but to also leave as many berries intact as possible, so they burst in your mouth), gravy, biscuits and the pastry for the pumpkin pie (perhaps my first-ever successful crust -- i'll thank english butter for that). connie made cornbread and the pumpkin pie filling and was in charge of the turkey, which she first brined overnight and then smoked on the stove over a couple burners (or 'hobs', if you're british) with some woodchips and this foil tent she erected. the finished turkey's not a bad-lookin' bird, yeah? i'd have to say it's a toss-up between the roasting and the smoking (although the smoked guy is finished in the oven). smoking gives the bird a really ham-like quality, but it's a nice change from the usual.


Blogger foo said...

wow, nice smoking tent.

I learned of a new turkey cooking method this weekend -- my friend reported that the turkey at his thanksgiving dinner was boiled in a marinade broth, soaked in same broth overnight, hung to dry the next day, then roasted for an hour. Will have to investigate.

11/28/2005 11:33:00 AM  
Anonymous lindy said...

Oh the picture! Now I really can't wait to try making the potstickers.

11/29/2005 08:06:00 AM  
Anonymous Adam said...

Any chance you could make a post telling how to smoke a turkey in this manner? Looks ingenious! (And delicious, of course.)

11/29/2005 07:41:00 PM  

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