snowed-in weekends. okay, so most of the snow on the street has melted, but it's still 4°C out there. so right now you can find me indoors, making a stash-reducing garter-stich shawl. (and looking more and more like a forlorn old homeless lady all the time, consequently.) and eating which began as carbonnades flamandes, but just onions and beef seemed too boring, so it became an irish stew of sorts. after i browned the meat and got the onions all melty and sweated the carrots and potatoes, i upended a big ol' bottle of stella and whatever leftover stock i had hanging out in the fridge, stuck a bay leaf in it and called it a day. except that, an hour and a half later, it wasn't getting any thicker, so i ended up making my first successful roux (directly after my tenth unsuccessful burnt, lumpy roux) and got it to a nice deep brown, even. i discovered that < 1 tbsp butter + a few tbsp flour is enough to thicken 3 quarts of stew. i'm also getting pretty decent at cooking rice (asian, natch) on the stovetop in my crappy little pentole and am discovering the merits of letting a little browned crust of rice form at the bottom of the pot (on purpose). what does this taste like -- rice krispies? barley tea? think i've read somewhere that there's a specific name for this crusty rice in chinese. i remember linda telling me it's especially good fried in butter. (but then again, what isn't?) i just like to sprinkle some maldon's on it and eat it with my fingers. this stew on rice thing was a fixture of my childhood. but mom always used cornstarch to thicken hers. my latest mix: decemberizing. december, rising. 1. xiu xiu - ceremony 2. the rosebuds - blue bird 3. jens lekman - black cab 4. metric - police and the private 5. the books - smells like content 6. gravenhurst - bluebeard 7. kathleen edwards - summerlong 8. the deadly snakes - gore veil 9. spinto band - oh mandy 10. babyshambles - fuck forever 11. okkervil river - song of our so-called friend 12. black belt - only one 13. happy bullets - the vice and virtue ministry 14. rogue wave - love's lost guarantee 15. kings of convenience - i'd rather dance with you 16. of montreal - nickee coco and the invisible tree


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