le olimpiadi torinesi sorry for the recent silence. it's been crazy over here, what with all the work they've been piling on me. i've made some time for some dinner parties recently, and there might be photos of those soon (though don't hold your breath), but otherwise, the main event in these parts have been the olympics. which, regardless of being underattended or whatever else, was actually pretty fun. (and we're all amazed that the italians managed to pull it off in the end.) unfortunately, the winter olympics isn't really chock full of spectator-friendly events. one exception, however, is hockey. i made it to a men's game, germany vs czech republic (the latter outskated and outperformed the former), and my sister caught the women's bronze (here, USA scores on finland) and gold medal games, as well as men's canada vs czech republic. and then we braved subfreezing temperatures, fog and some snowfall and waited several hours outside (and trekked all the way out to sauze d'oulx) to see women's aerial freestyle. which was actually very, very cool:


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