small but perfectly formed and other oddities from the market today: it is, perhaps, unfair to group these plums under "oddities", as they're not odd at all, just little, like me. and really lovely, no? what with their jewel-like translucence. what is odd actually, is that i don't find so many of the conventional plums that are common to all american supermarkets (and here's where i could launch into a diatribe on how those plums, while large and perfectly formed, have not the generously juicy, honeyed, almost sparklingly bright and balanced interior, the luscious, yielding flesh that these do, but instead scrooge you with a thoroughly unpleasant acidity and either a consistency to rival sand or to make your stomach turn because of its sloppy, undercellulosed insides -- but there's no need, right?). here, we get all kinds of different plums (and were those gages i saw at the stand on wednesday?), and just about everyone i know has a ramassin tree in their backyard. they look just like cherry tomatoes. and speaking of tomatoes: i'm sorry to inflict the yearly close-up photo of cuore di bue tomatoes on you, dear reader, but 'tis the season (as we say all too frequently on this blog. we being me, i suppose), and nothing says summer like these ugly fatties: (this would be the bum shot.) this particular tomato has very special qualities, with a classic tear drop shape (seems like the other usual morphology for these guys is an elongated, bulbous ellipsoid), but also with a mug you just gotta love: (it was almost too tempting to deck him out, mr. potato head-style, but hunger won out and i ate him instead.)


Blogger wind-up-bird said...

The plums kind of remind me of my first encounter with a radish at age 3.5. I exclaimed gleefully that I'd found the world's smallest tomato. Imagine my surprise when I bit it.

But the tomato....is it just me and my sick, sick, dirty mind, or does it look like........?

7/09/2006 12:43:00 PM  

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