independence day, in numbers. july 4 6 americans 1 australian 29°C 16 ribs 4 burgers 4 kinds of baladin beer 0 televisions 12 minutes into overtime 20 second search for nearest television 100 people in piazza dei caduti 30 meters from screen projection italy 2 germany 0 58,103,033 italians jumping up and down, kissing and hugging each other, running around screaming, throwing themselves on the ground and writhing, getting into their cars and driving around in circles and generally making a big ol' ruckus 3 close-ups of german fans in the stands shown crying on italian television 2 hours of general ruckus-making, outside my window: 1 lovely pavlova, australian-made and completely consumed: 1 glass each, grappa and irish whiskey 6 hours of sleep.


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