paradise, found. we spent last weekend in sardinia, alternating between time at the beach: and time at the table (these are all homemade, by the way): utterly addictive crackly and sheet-thin pane carasau, made with a leavened dough that is rolled really, really flat and then baked twice. the first baking turns the dough into a giant bubble that must be skillfully cut in half to yield each disc. These are then baked again to get that crisp (amazingly humdity-resistant, i'm finding) texture. great to sop up juices from lamb, roasted on a spit in the ol' outdoor oven (what, you don't do this at home?). the traditional sardinian lunch. particularly good when followed by a nap. some spigola and muggine (and also orata, which was still being cooked and not pictured) that i stuffed with lemon , onions and rosemary and stuck on the grill. i also did some calamari with salt and pepper and let it just turn opaque. the sea offers up a truly incredible bounty of sweet flesh, it must be said. damn fine meal, this was (and separate from the lamb, in case you're wondering if i had to be rolled on to the ferry back to the mainland). no meal in sardinia is complete with cheese. and besides the pecorino and a local cow-and-sheep combo, there was also this pastry, sa sebada, made with savory dough and stuffed with cheese (provolone-style ones) and then usually covered with honey. but this one with sugar sprinkled on top gave the same kind of salt-fat-sugar rush that you get from, say, an elvis PB&J, and are reminiscent of that food-of-the-gods, funnel cake. but with cheese. please smack me if i ever complain about living in italy again.


Blogger fwc said...

had to look up what an elvis PB&J is ... is this accurate?


i've been really hankering for apple butter which i haven't had since i was a kid in KY. anyone know where i can find some? daisy? carl?

7/21/2006 01:54:00 PM  
Blogger foo said...

um.. wow. that's some amazing looking food.

7/27/2006 05:58:00 PM  
Anonymous daisy said...

fred, you should be able to find apple butter pretty easily in cambridge, no? formaggio, cardullo's, maybe that b'way market between harvard and inman squares? if not, i'll find or make some and bring it to you.

7/28/2006 12:50:00 PM  

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